Saturday, December 31, 2011

Handmade Family Christmas Gifts

My mom and I like to give handmade gifts to our family members at Christmas. She usually gives a beaded bookmark or a crocheted scarf or dish cloth. This year I knew I wanted to do something with my Stampin' Up! tools!

These are Easel Calendars. They use the promotional calendars that you stick to the dashboard of your car. which can be purchased online without the plastic adhesive part. They are rather inexpensive.

Here's a close up of a couple.

To make these you just take a 4" by 12" piece of cardstock and score it using Stampin' Up! Simply Scored tool at 4", 6", and 8". 
Fold the cardstock on the score line at 6" so that the right sides (the side you want showing when finished) are together. Then fold on the score lines at 4" and 8" the other way.
If you want to add a ribbon to the top of the easel, slip the ribbon under the cardstock strip just before the score line at 4" and tie it in the front of the easel card. Then you can glue the front of the easel to the cardstock between the score line at 4" and 6".
You can also punch shapes out using a paper punch like I did with the flowers on top of the bright green glittered calendar. For the flowers I used the Blossom Bouquet Triple Layer punch from Stampin' Up! along with some of their glitter brads.
Design your easel card front however you want (the options are endless) and glue the calendar to the front.
To make it into an easel, place a button on a Stampin' Up! Dimensional or a brad on the cardstock about 2.5" from the score line at 8" or 1.5" from the edge of the cardstock. This is what you use to hold up the front of the easel card. 
Pretty simple!!
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and if you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment with your question!
Happy New Year!!
Darla Cameron

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